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Baltimore Generators Reviews

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    Bill Dawkins


    After taking eight estimates….we finally selected Baltimore Generators as our vendor of choice…and we are glad we did! Baltimore Generators installed the right generator, at the right price, at the right time....just in time for our first power outage in June 2014. The process from order to installation was handled very professionally and expeditiously. Andy and his team were very knowledgeable, courteous and cleaned-up along the way. We are very satisfied and highly recommend Baltimore Generators.

  • K



    I had a system installed in late 2014; it works great, now, but the installation was not "clean", I discovered over some time. It is a GE 20kW unit that is NG fueled with all the lines to the generator pad buried deep in the back yard. Today there is a plumber at my house for a natural gas leak (several places within 3 feet of pipe run) from the initial installation. Fortunately it is on the piping entry to the house, but outside, not inside. Not enough pipe dope on the threads, it seems. This is not the only problem encountered with the installation. Turns out some water pipes in the basement ceiling were just pushed aside and are under bending stress from a junction box installed inside the house. The copper should have been re-routed. I hope the cover of the junction box never has to come off. There is evidence of a leak from a compromised PVC underground run between the house and generator. The water table rises when it rains and gets into the PVC and flows into the house. I had to fill the PVC run, at an elbow cover, with 30 year caulk to stop it. I sure wasn't going to dig up the yard where the generator control runs are buried and find the crack/fissure. Someone didn't properly bond the sections of PVC and let it cure before it was buried. The flange where the natural gas line enters the house is also not correctly mounted; the hole in the brick is too large for the flange bolt hole circle, so the screws don't actually go into the side of the house into anchors...they just appear to be caulked in place for show. When the plumber is done I'll re-caulk it myself. That's just amateur-hour right there. Or incompetence. Duxseal was used instead of caulk at the entry points for the gas and electrical runs, including at the transfer switch. Should have been caulked, but Duxseal is quick and easy. Just after the installation, some electronics in the house started to act up. I put a voltmeter on the 2 legs of the split-phase line coming into the house from the transfer switch. There was a missing neutral wire that had to be installed, and I had a radio and something else burn out from the over-voltage. They were replaced. The power line in from the transfer switch entered the main junction box at an angle, and the securing nut could not be tightened, so it was just left unsecured on the line. That had to be fixed. (More length on the line would have obviated the difficulty). Functionally, everything works, but if I had done this myself the installation would never have required rework to last. The holes bored into the side of my expensive house would also be round, and correctly sized. This installation cost as much as a new commuter car. I would think that the details would have been attended to. I didn't leave a review before since the details were somewhat minor (except for, gosh, the water running into my basement). The gas leaks (plural) were the last straw. Sorry, that's just the way it is. Edit: Forgot to mention: When I went to reinstall the basement ceiling that was removed for cabling installation, the dryer duct required cutting and splicing to be re-run above the cables strung across the joists. Why? Because when the cables were installed, the flexible duct was hanging down under its own weight, and the cables were strung above it, with no foresight that the installed ceiling panels would provide insufficient room to allow the duct to run under the cables. It's a 4 inch flexible duct. A tape measure was not required to see this, just a naked eye.

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    Michael McCrea


    Great Experience.. Andy and his team did a wonderful job. The Install was very professional and passed inspection with no issues. I would highly recommend Baltimore Generator for a turn key solution.

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