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Got Lights Reviews

2.9 stars based on 14 reviews

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  • J

    J McCarley


    We had our outdoor landscape lights installed by Anthony with Got Lights around 7 years ago. I have loved the lights all around our home and also love how they are connected to an app which we can control anytime. We’ve had just a few minor issues over the years, like one of the lights not working or when the main fuse went out, and Anthony made sure to resolve those issues timely and professionally. Just recently, he patiently helped me troubleshoot over the phone (in which I requested) when our landscape lights would not turn on. He was able to solve the issue over the phone quite easily. I really appreciate that he has always answered the phone throughout these past 7 years and that he always cares to make sure we are very happy with our system and his business. Thank you Anthony!

    Response from the owner

    It's been a pleasure working with you these past seven years on any of your landscape lighting needs. Whether you've needed an installation completed or a quick repair (I'm always happy to help in-person or over the phone anytime), I'm thrilled that I've been able to be there to make the experience as easy as possible. I look forward to working with you again next time! -Anthony, Owner

  • J

    Jd Busch


    After five years of continued issues with setup, blown-out light switches, we Lost all of our freezer and refrigerator food one year because blew a circuit breaker when on vacation, after they had installed a dedicated circuit and still used all outside plugs. Last year broke several roof tiles installing lights. Then left us high and dry this year as we didn't install lights after paid. They left us with a couple of weeks before Christmas out of no lights for the holidays. I would never recommend and mishandled. My fault for staying with them when they made the same breaker issues three years in a row. This is all completely unacceptable. I would be very cautious ever using this company. I would never recommend and will make sure to make all my neighbors aware. In your response. Which is false. We replied, and you should check your emails, or I would be happy to send the four emails sent to respond to damaged tile responsibility. For the LED lights at a cost, I could buy anywhere for half your cost rates. So call major BS there for cost. I will make my mission to make sure all know how you left us this Christmas year already in such a stained year. I feel handled completely unprofessional.

    Response from the owner

    I understand your frustration. Jed, your wife contacted us about the broken tiles on your roof. We agreed to pay for the damage, and have. We sent 7 emails beginning August 1st to ask you to confirm for reinstallation with no response until November 1. You asked us to get on the roof. The roof is really high and we would not be able to do it with a ladder. This roof cannot be done WITHOUT getting on the roof. We did offer to use your roof lights to install as bed lighting but you declined. We emailed you on December 1 to ask you to agree with letting us get on the roof before we proceed with the install, with you taking full responsibility of any damages that occur as we cannot guarantee no damage would occur, and we cannot continue to install without causing damages. We did not want to have to pay for roof damage again. You did not agree to let us get on the roof without releasing us from the damages. The next communication was that you wanted to pick up your lights. We put them in front of the warehouse that day for you to pick up. As far as the power issue goes, we did put in a dedicated circuit. There was only 1 space in the breaker box. That’s 20 amps to play with. Your system pulls at least 30 amps. So, not only did we have to use the dedicated circuit, we had to use other outlets to balance the power. And your existing outlets that were available were maxed out, with your 2 appliances you had in the garage. We offered to switch you to LEDs at cost back in October to alleviate the power issue. It is imperative to understand that converting to LED would have solved the power issue. You elected not to upgrade to LED. I am sorry to hear that you feel we left you “high and dry” with the holiday lights. That was not the case at all. We just needed a response for all items discussed above to satisfy the account. Thank you, we appreciate your business! -Anthony, Owner

  • m

    max benham


    We used got lights quite successfully in 2016 and 2017, however 2018 has been a very different experience. Despite four messages left in November and December, the lights still have not been installed (keep in mind that these are lights which we have previously bought and own). At this point with only a couple of weeks between now and the holiday, we have elected to cancel our installation.

    Response from the owner

    We appreciate the feedback and would like to apologize on our part for delay or inconvenience that the weather caused for us this year. We did not show that you confirmed until November 19th, and unfortunately due to the weather this year, we were not able to guarantee anyone who did not confirm prior to October 1st would be installed prior to Thanksgiving, and the weather at that time was still not cooperating which caused more delays into December. We do always strive to provide excellent customer service and while we can not control the weather we do understand the inconvenience of the delays and would like to offer to you for next year to get on our auto reinstallation list so that you ensure the early confirmation and discount. Feel free to call us at 512-394-1990 or email to [email protected] at your convenience and we can discuss further. We do hope to continue to successfully provide you with your holiday lighting needs starting next year as we did in 2016 and 2017. I have been in business here in Austin for over 14 years and have built my business on excellent customer service and will continue to do so, we look forward to hearing from you. - Anthony Minotti (owner)

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