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    Home Services at The Home Depot Reviews

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      Rob Thomas


      I went to home depot early in July to order some carpet, (because it is the only supplier in the area). After waiting nearly 45 minutes for a rep to assist me at the carpet counter, I got my quote scheduled for someone to come out and measure. You would think that something as simple as coming on the right day for the measurement would be an easy task, but they showed up on the wrong day when I was at work, so therefore they were unable to get in the house. Delaying the measurement until another day when we could reschedule. We finally settled on a day when I could get them in the house (that we were not yet living in at the time) to measure, and I told them to call me when they got there so I could be sure that they got the correct rooms measured. Of course they did not, and I received a quote for $500 dollars over what they had initially estimated. I reviewed the measure, and found that they had added on an additional room DOWNSTAIRS, when I specifically told them that it was only the upstairs that I wanted carpeted. Normally, I would be shocked by the quote, but after seeing how shady Home Depot is with the quotes and estimates, I kind of expected it. After straightening things out, we finally ordered the carpet and they told me it would be a few weeks until the carpet arrived. They then send you off to some company called Home Solutions that takes care of the install. You have a better chance of getting hit with lightning than you do getting a hold of these people on the phone. 6 WEEKS LATER, they call and tell me that the carpet had arrived and we were ready to set up an install date. We decide on a date and then they told me they would call the day before to specify an exact time. After calling them and leaving several voice mails the day before to try and figure out when these yahoos were coming, it climaxed with 0 success...leaving me to wonder if they were actually going to come or not. The next day, which I had requested off from work, (Day of Supposed Install), I call several more times in the morning to try and figure out when these mystery men were coming to lay my carpet. NO ANSWER ALL DAY LONG. They finally call the next day to apologize on their techs calling in, and we proceed to set up another install date. At this point, I would've gladly taken my service elsewhere, but we live in a remote mountain area with good ole' Home Depot being our only option. Anyways, we set up another install day, which I can't make, but my dear wife who had just had a baby was able to get off work in order to be there. Two days of missed work out of our budget to try and accommodate these people to lay our darn carpet that we paid plenty of money for. Well wouldn't you know it, the same issue of not being able to get ahold of anybody to figure out when the hell they were coming to our house. Day of rescheduled install, we finally get a call from one of the techs saying they wouldn't be there until the afternoon now. Perfect. Wife has an appointment for our infant son to get to, so I leave work early to get to the house to let them in. More money gone. The installers work until late that night, and you think at this point, with the steam coming out of my ears from this whole ordeal that they would be sure to clean up well. They left all of their scraps and the giant leftover pad that I now have to take to the dump and spend more money on. WOW home depot, I hope you're proud of your customer service and glad to know that I will never be coming back to you stores anywhere in the country as for the rest of my friends and family. I will deliberately drive 50 miles out of my way just to make it to another store where they will actually appreciate us as customers. For anybody out there trying to decide if Home Depot is the right place for you for your install, say NO, just like you'd say no to drugs. Run away as fast as you can. I am not the only one with this same heart break; I have had friends and family from other store locations with the same problems. Hope this helps!!!

    • A

      Asher Maslan


      I can get all home servicing needs in the winter or summer.

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