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    Home Services at The Home Depot Reviews

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      Amanda H


      BUYER BEWARE!!!!! Carpet installers came out to our house today and were supposed replace carpet for the entire upstairs. Upon arrival, the installers were missing our master bedroom on their plan yet, had the closet! Why on earth would we just want the walk in closet done and not the actual room? So we called the Home Depot, spoke to Stephanie the project manager, and said this was "an error on their behalf" and we would have to wait an additional 2 months for the backordered carpet we need. We have been waiting for this install for 2 months already! They have the master bedroom on the initial plan and now it's just gone. We talked to Sean, the manager, about this HUGE mix up and he replied "Welp you know this kind of stuff happens, you know computer glitches." That's NOT the answer we wanted. We are now sitting in our living room surrounded by furniture and boxes that we hauled around in preparation for this install. Stephanie seemed so confused and said "oh my heavens, how did this happen!?" This is your "project manager". We had laminate installed through the Home Depot a month ago and there was also MAJOR confusion with the install. We are beyond frustrated and feel no compensation. We sent the installers on their way and cancelled the whole project. We called a local carpet company and they will help us get this done in 2 days rather than months. Please re-think your installation with the Home Depot.

    • J

      Jacob Swanson


      Update: It has now almost been a year since our incident with Home Depot, Crew2, D&R Flooring, Sedgwick Claims, and another insurance company and we still have no carpet and no resolve to this issue. Not a single person has reached out and my calls, voicemails, and emails have all gone unanswered. Worst experience with any company I have ever had and although my purchase was through Home Depot using their contracting partner Crew2 neither has taken any responsibility in handling this manner. Original Post: First Christmas in our new house was ruined due to purchasing carpet with free install from this location. The whole process has been a headache but the worst part has surely been the incompetence of the carpet installer. The measurements, agreement, and receipt all express that our home has infloor heat. I.e. Heated water lines in the floors... all of which I had marked with a black sharpie to ensure no damages were incurred. Home Depot's contractor came out to install the carpet, 6 weeks after the carpet was paid for, and punctured 3 holes in our radiant floor heat lines. This occurred after the carpet pad was down and while they were stretching the carpet... for the carpet guys out there why would you staple the carpet in the middle of the room? They were not only informed from the paperwork but my fiancé had also reminded them when they arrived that there was infloor heat and that the markings on the floor showed where they were. Following puncturing the lines they continued to lay the carpet and only mentioned they had hit something when the water was already dripping into the basement. That happened on Dec. 1st, 2016. Fast forward nearly a month and our house is still in shambles, Home Depot has no idea what is going on, the contractor hasn't responded to phone calls, the insurance company that received the claim says it was incorrectly submitted by the contractor under their auto policy and that they may not have a commercial liability policy to cover the damages. As I mentioned Home Depot hasn't called or taken any proactive steps to ensure that we are being taken care of, which obviously we aren't. This being our first home we were supposed to host our family Christmas... obviously that didn't happen because of this unfortunate ordeal. I would not recommend using Home Depot for your carpet needs unless you have 4-6 months before you expect the project to be completed. This has been an absolute joke. To not receive so much as a call, update, or apology through this whole process has been extremely disheartening. After spending over $15,000 with this store in the last 3 months while renovating I do believe I'll be taking my business to Menards. This terrible of service and blatant disregard for a customer is unacceptable in my opinion.

    • B

      Brandon K


      Carpet install,MN. Crew showed up an hour late. Recieved a msg from their office, which I could bearly understand. Sounded like they were checking in to see how the job went and to make sure all was cleaned up and to call the # on the card they left if there are issues. Funny this was at 9:30! They hadn't even shown up yet. Window was 8-10. Showed up after 11. Furniture was damaged when moved. Just crammed into any room convenient for them. Had a bed frame drug across my tIle floor in bathroom and propped up against new solid surface countertop and leaning against window blinds and screen w/ mattress on top of it. Had to find this out only because nature called and couldn't even get into bathroom! Other furniture stacked on top of each other crammed into closets w/no regard to being careful. Baseboards scratched, alot! Tiles scratched in fam rm. I understand the backside of the carpet is rough, but most of the scratches are from tools, not carpet. Several scatches and dings in walls. Small section of carpet in one room was cut short. Only partially cleaned up. Staples all over hallway. Even found a clip of probaly 15 staples in corner of stairs. Not cool with a toddler around. Wife not happy! When momma not happy, no one happy....She called and had to leave msg w/ complaint. Got frantic call back from Kevin 2 days later wanting to check it out and make it right. He came by a couple days later in evening working to fit my schedule.---promising now---- He was very apologetic and agreed to sloppy and careless workmanship. Said he would call back next day to arrange to get repair guy to fix carpet or get replaced, also to attempt to fix scratches in basboards. Also said would be compensation for wall/paint fixes and for tile damage in family rm. Well it's been 3 business days now with no callback. I left msg this am with no response yet. ---Now not so promising.--- Maybe I'll have to make up a sign and drive on down to Home Depot and sit in the back of my pickup holding the sign parked by the front door. If something isn't done, yes, I will do this. Forgot to mention there was zero walk through with installer. I was outside with my dog and he was pounding on window. He obviously saw I was busy. Yet he continued to pound on the window. I finished up and ran inside only to find out there's no emergency! He just wanted his ppw signed, so he could leave. We even went as far as driving down to Home Depot to talk to a manager face to face ( Not play phone tag for a week) well wouldn't you know it store Mgr gone! Did get to talk to a "sympathetic" order specialist, who was shown over 20 pics of damage done and poor install. She entered in all info in her complaint database and sent off an email including all the "brass in the region" again with a promise of getting something done. Been 2 business days now and nothing done yet, except a call yesterday saying basically they don't have an answer for me. Omfg. If not attorney general, then a claim to subcontractors bond or ins co. Home Depot sux. Crew 2 sux.

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