Link's Electrical Services Inc
Monterey, Gilroy, CA

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  • Phone:
  • +1 408-842-9900
  • Website:
  • http://www.linkselectric.com/
  • Address:
  • 8545 Monterey Rd, Gilroy, CA 95020
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Link's Electrical Services Inc Reviews

3.5 stars based on 2 reviews

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    Freedom Fighters


    I Used this company while Renovating my house.I was hesitant at first reading the review he had but then realized he runs a Electrical company not a rental company. Considering his bid was lower then Other electrical contractors I gave him a shot. His Foreman seemed to be extremely knowledgeable and was very professional. After everything was completed the bill was what he Quoted me at. 👍👍

  • M

    Maxwell McKinnon


    Stay away from Link's Electrical for your electrical needs. The owner Allen Link will stop being nice and will screw you over for his own gain the second he thinks you have no recourse. We rented a home from him, and near the end of the lease, he made a deal he would give full deposit back if we moved out early. After we moved out early, he gave back $100 instead of $2500. Nice guy... He always took weeks to get back to us on simple questions: water heater, water bills, etc. One day, he came to notify us that he needed us out in 25 days. (The legal limit is 30). No prior warning. He gave us all this sweet talk of full deposit back if we could do it. We agreed and shook hands on it with his wife and kids watching. The deal was good for both parties, and everyone seemed happy with it. We busted butt, searched for new rentals, and got out of there, then he decided to take $2400 of the $2500. This is a guy who professionally inspects things and makes estimates mind you. To be $2400 off an estimate is bad. The worst part is it wasn't an estimate, it was a deal. We gave up our rights to 30 days and rushed moving out to help him because he promised he would give the full deposit back to make it worth our while. Complete liar. Too bad the deal wasn't in writing. I mistakenly assumed he wasn't the type of businessman who backstabs a customer when the deal is over. Seems like a nice guy at first, but this isn't the guy you want inspecting and giving you an estimate for your next electrical job. I strongly advise you to stay away.

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