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Noble, Anniston, AL

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  • 2841 Noble St, Anniston, AL 36201
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Mc Leod Electric Inc Reviews

3.4 stars based on 20 reviews

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  • C

    Curtis Fuller


    Have made 2 separate service call appts for a repair technician over past 3 weeks. No show both times. Didn't even call to resched either time.

  • a

    alison bandy


    If I could have reviewed at a zero star I would have. These people! They arrived late. We had called to have electrical wiring fixed from a fire under my uncle's house. They came out. They did absolutely nothing. Said they couldn't do anything until plumbing did their part which was fine. But why didn't they just charge me a service call? Instead they charged me a 150.00 for nothing. They were very sketchy. I wrote a check for the services. Them some women comes to the door asking me to re-wrote the check to a personal person because they couldn't cash it. Then when I asked for a receipt they said we don't have receipts today. Then when I thought ok something is not right here and called the office which was the dad he was in shock they asked for another check and had been told he didn't do anything....like I had not paid. Then he said let me see what is going on and I will call you back. He never calls back. The lady that I am pretty sure was on meth calls me back and says I won't charge when we come back. Well later that night my uncle has no hot water. They never turned the water heater back on. So that was a 125.00 extra charge from the plumber. It has been a total mess. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! RUN!

  • D

    David Plokhooy


    Under no circumstances should you consider using this company. I contacted them to rewire a switch controlling one light and a ceiling fan (the light switch was working already but the ceiling fan was not). They arrived two hours late, took out the old switch and could not figure out how to reinstall it. In the process they disconnected several lines causing various lights, vents, fans, etc., throughout the home to quit working. After three hours they quit, leaving hot electrical wires hanging out of the wall. They returned the next day (three hours later than they agreed to arrive) and spent the entire day working on the wiring trying to determine why they had broken the circuit to the other locations. After eight hours they "finished" and left -- with the switch they originally came to repair still not working. After calling them the next day they sent another person who worked on the wiring and finally got the original switch working and the other outlets they had disconnected working but still did not ever get the ceiling fan working. They then presented a bill for $85 for the original service call and $375 for the repair work they had to do to solve the other problems they created, and, the ceiling fan switch still does not work. $460 total for them to actually do nothing. The switch that was working is still working, the circuits that were working before they disconnected them are still working as they were before McLeod arrived, and the ceiling fan still does not work. I now have to hire someone else to perform the one task they were supposed to do. Clueless, unprofessional, undependable and absolutely a waste of time and money. Run away from these guys.

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