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    Ivanka Roberts


    I have purchased dishwasher from Costco, and they work with Northeast Electrical Services to provide installations. The first time Matt - the plumber came - he was right on time and he discovered the same issue as other people mention - one piece was missing on the pipe to make it up to code with our town. He gave us choice to have them bring it up to code or to do it ourselves. He was very polite and up front with the cost associated ($130) and also mentioned that he doesn't have this piece with him at the time - so we would have to schedule another visit. If you have read Costco policies - you know that installation services are included only if there is no other issues (in our case with bringing the plumbing up to code, and pretty much everyone will have the same issue unless you have done any plumbing work in the last 10 years). We have gotten multiple estimates from other companies and Northeast Electrical was right there the same as others. Linda - the person with whom we were scheduling the next installation visit was very helpful (yes, you may have to wait 24 hours for her to call you back - but their phone system tells you that). She provided all the insurance info and license number of their plumber. Plumber arrived right at 8:30 AM and was done by 10:00 AM. They ran the first dishwasher cycle and waited to make sure no issue arise (our floor is a bit uneven) and since then it has been 6 months and we are very happy with the quality of work and how accommodating they were with our requested timing and paperwork.

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    Chad K.


    I purchased a dishwasher from Costco and the delivery company arranged the schedule (day and hour) with Northeast Electrical for installation. But Northeast Electrical called me to change the day. It is very annoying because the installation was arranged on the same day of the delivery. The company is very rude to tell me that if you don’t want to change the day, you should find another company by myself to do it. There is no option so that I agreed and set up installation time again (they gave me 4 hours window to come) and I made a half-day off while my new dishwasher was on the floor in the kitchen. But they called me one day before installation to change the time suddenly. It really bothered me and my work that day. The installation was included in the purchase, but they insisted $130 additionally. What they did with additional payment is the installation of a water hammer arrestor. They said if you don’t pay $130, they would leave immediately (they hold their bag and buckets and pretended to leave). Even though the Installation of a water hammer arrestor is required, $130 is way more than the price we should pay for. Costco purchase already included installation. In other words, we don’t need to pay travel expense but only to pay for labor and the part for the installation. The part is $10~20 and their work labor for the installation took 2-3 minutes, a very simple connection between a water pipe and a dishwasher hose (no need for any plumber skills). Please see the picture I added. Coincidently, one item near the door in my home disappeared after they left. I knew that it was there before they came and it was gone after they left. No one came between. I also noticed that the payment is not for Northeast Electrical but for M.Woody’s. They asked me to write the check for M.Woodys. I think that Northeast electrical and M.Woody’s are separate companies and this installation is the outsourcing of the outsourcing. That situation usually doesn’t do any good for customers but causes ripping off customers. I don’t exactly how these two companies work here but that is my guess and why they try to rip off the Costco customers. There are two victims, Costco customers and Costco. We paid much more than we should do and Costco may have that blame. I believe that I am not the only one. I saw a very similar story from this company’s review below. Here are my suggestions if you purchased a dishwasher from Costco and this company is supposed to install it. 1) Change the company if possible. I would contact Costco to change it even though the day is delayed. 2) If not, please install “a water hammer arrestor” in advance and ask them to do “basic installation” to prevent any hassle. I believe you should be very persistent about that.

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    David Resnick


    Northeast Electrical was selected by Costco to install my dishwasher. The cost of installation was included in the purchase, but they were allowed to charge me for additional required work. The people seemed nice enough and competent. However they charged $130 to install a water hammer, a $15 part, which took about 1 minute (and, had I known about it, I could have purchased and installed despite being mechanically incompetent). I didn’t know what my options were if I refused installation, so I agreed to pay it. But I certainly ended up feeling like I was cheated. I asked them after the fact to justify the cost on a parts and labor or any basis at all, and they said “that is the price”. If you can’t justify why you are charging something, it is to me a sign that I’m being ripped off. And given the coercive nature of the situation, I ended up feeling like I was being taken advantage of. Would strongly recommend taking your business to a more honest service. If they are assigned to you by Costco or some other company, I recommend asking for a different contractor.

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