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  • 10021 Kinsman Rd, Novelty, OH 44072
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Portman Electric Reviews

4.4 stars based on 21 reviews

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  • l

    landon tracey


    Jeff and his crew did an excellent job of installing a whole house generator at my house. They were there when they said they would be and walked me through the install process. When the work was complete everything was cleaned and put back in place as if they had never been there. When a problem came up, through no fault of theirs, Jeff sent out a technician right away to help me get everything fixed and he even explained what had happened.

  • D

    Dan D'Annunzio


    I can’t tell you how disappointed I am with this company. I have been dealing with them for a long time to service my home Generac generator. Last year they serviced my generator and told me they changed my oil, adjust my valves, and put new spark plugs in my unit. They also told me my unit had low compression in one of the cylinders and I need a new unit over $7,000 dollars. A year went by, and I did not hear from them ( service my unit every year) and called to see why they did not come over. They said because your unit is shot we did not bother to call you until you decide to buy a new unit. I then proceeded to tell them that the unit is still working, fact they electric has gone out several times and the generator has been working fine. I said I would like someone to came over and go over my unit and check the battery, change the oil etc. The lady told me we will check everything change the oil and make sure someone is home to check the Circuit board in the basement. This will be included in the service call. I the agreed. Service guy came over ( I was working) wife stayed home, and the service guy started the generator up. He then went to the front door ring the doorbell and told my wife that the generator was shot and left. He was there no more then 10 minutes. I received a bill for $195.00 several days later, s as be called The company up and complain that he never even change the oil and told my wife something that I already knew from last year, I told her he never even change the oil in it or checked it how could you bill me for the same price. The lady says this is what we charge whether we change the oil or not and we’re not taking nothing off the bill this is what you have to pay. I was seriously thinking about buying a new generator off this company but I will never deal with them again. I hate to be cheated.

  • b

    brian sours


    Technician repaired issue with generator. However, apparently, since I wore a mask when he came into my house to test it (as I should during a freaking pandemic), that makes me "scared" of COVID. The unprofessional little *@?# doesn't know my situation of having to take care of elderly in-laws, which means I have to be extra careful. He wrote on the work order to send me the bill because I was "scared of COVID." This shows a failing on multiple employees, as I'm sure that the person sending invoices is not the same person doing service calls. Additionally, I sent the copy of the work order in with my payment asking if they thought that was a proper way to treat customers. I did not receive a reply, but they cashed my check. So, I have my answer and they have their review. Looks like I will be giving the Generator Pros at Shepp Electric my business going forward. Too bad, I planned to do a 22kw replacement next year too. Also, one of their techs was very condescending to my wife on a previous occasion. So much so that she refused to deal with them.

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