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Total Energy Systems Reviews

3.1 stars based on 7 reviews

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  • J

    Janet Al-Hadidi


    I called on a day that the electricity was out from a storm. My generator did not turn on. It was on a weekend and so the call was sent to whomever was on call that day. It turned out to be a young man who told me that it would be double time to come out. I agreed to that. He came and took at least an hour which he said was the time from his house to mine, but I had called him a half hour in, to ensure he wasn't sending someone from a further distance, and he was walking while he was talking which means he had not left. He came and took things apart but had no idea what he was doing. He took the air filter apart but could not put it back on. He had to go to his truck for every tool, each time. This was just to waste time because all he did was loosen and tighten things then go back to the truck to put the tool back or get it again. He claimed the battery was dead and replaced it. He then said that the generator was broken and that he would leave it on but it would not shut off because the auto overheat mechanism wasn't working. He proceeded to tell me that I had the wrong size and that I needed to move it and kept trying to sell me a new unit. Again wasting as much time as he could because I told him that I was not interested. So at the end he charged me $910 dollars in service and $39.98 in mileage and the generator was still not fixed. I would not recommend this company to anyone. They do not hire honest and knowledgeable technicians.

  • K

    Kim Smith


    The serviceman was very professional and knowledgable but was unable to fix our generator during his visit. This company was sent by a plumbing company to repair our Kohler natural gas generator. I had no idea what the charge would be but I was shocked when I received the bill. The repairman was at our house for less than 2 hours, he replaced a few wires that were damaged by rodents and a $1.65 hose-not any Kohler parts which can get expensive. The service call alone cost us $422.00 for 2 hrs work. Our bill of $700.19 was for 2 hrs work, a few pieces of wire and a small hose. Be aware that they charge you $2.00 per mile for each way the serviceman drives which in our case came to $180.00 (even if he is in your area so both customers are paying the same $2.00 milage fee). In addition to this they also charge $110.00 per hour for his drive time which in our case came to $220.00 (even if he is in your area they charge as though he came from the office). Than they add on a 10% of the labor cost for an Expendable/Disposable fee which came to $44.00---a lot of $$ to dispose of a few pieces of wire and hose. I would have thrown it away myself. Check the Kohler site and call a few others prior to hiring them. You could save yourself over $500.00 on the call. I found the average rate to be $90 per hour and a flat $125 for the service call. I could have saved myself $360.00 by calling one company and $450.00 by calling another. Work was good but the price was outrageous.

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